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  • Welcome to the Milltek Store Welcome to the Milltek Store
    Every part, every make and every model. Buy Online or Call 01924 360 260.
  • Every Part & Every Model Every Part & Every Model
    Buy Online or Call 01924 360 260.
  • Next Day Delivery Next Day Delivery
    Buy Online or Call 01924 360 260.
  • Approved Fitting Centre Approved Fitting Centre
    Call 01924 360 260 for fitting of your Milltek Exhaust.
  • Approved Fitting Centre Approved Fitting Centre
    Call 01924 360 260 for fitting of your Milltek Exhaust.

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About Us

Founded in 1999 Pumaspeed quickly became one of the leading names on the Ford Performance tuning scene.

Originally specializing solely on the Ford Puma our range quickly expanded and grew to engulf all Fast Fords and the name Pumaspeed became synonymous with tuning excellence. As our range and skills grew so did our relationships with some of the leading suppliers. None of these relationships though were as significant as that with Milltek Sport, whose exhausts we have fitted to thousands of Fords and supplied to tens of thousands more over the last decade.

As this relationship blossomed we started to develop our own market leading systems with Milltek Sport, producing some of the most cutting edge products available on the Market today.

However it has not just been our product range that has evolved, our customers have as well, moving away from the trusty Ford badge to other brands such as Audi, BMW and VW. Although this was often the result in a change of lifestyle or circumstance that need for speed never goes away and these customers would always come back for a Milltek Exhaust fitted by a company they have grown to love and trust.

As we have now fitted Milltek Exhausts to every badge out there we figured it was probably about time that we offered our services global and with that decision was born.

Now where ever you are in the world and what ever car you drive, we have a Milltek for you. As one of the worlds leading stockists of Milltek parts we have the ability to get you the parts you need faster and cheaper than anyone else out there and we openly challenge anyone to beat us on price, quality or commitment in the world of Performance Tuning. We have the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.

We are the fastest supplier, shipping daily.

And we will not be beaten on price.

We are the best, because that’s what we do...